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Skin & Hair Treatments


PRP therapy for hair loss is a treatment that involves withdrawing a patient’s own blood, processing it so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and injecting it into the scalp. PRP contains essential proteins that stimulate natural hair growth PRP hair loss treatment is suitable for both men and women


Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. It is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily

Scar Treatment

  • subcision
  • scar excision
  • dermal fillers
  • intralesional injections for keloids, hypertrophic scars
  • peels


With ageing, you also tend to lose the volume due to degradation of fat, collagen and hyaluronic acid. This inturn causes skin laxity, deeper wrinkles and furrows. Dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers are done to enhance or replace the volume loss in the face. These can be used in combination with Botox or laser rejuvenation or alone for an overall improvement. Soft tissue fillers or dermal fillers comprising of collagen, Hyaluronic acid are injected into the affected area which soothes the wrinkles and brings out the skin volume. The Hyaluronic acid is a naturally forming sugar in the human body and its job is to deliver nutrients and act as a cushioning agent. It also helps in hydrating the skin by holding the water. Dermal fillers are classified as Temporary, Semi-Permanent and Permanent based on the longevity.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips. Injectable dermal filler is the most commonly used method of lip augmentation. There are many types of dermal fillers that can be injected in your lips and around your mouth. But the most common fillers today are products that contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body. It helps increase volume in your lips. These types of dermal fillers are sometimes called “hyaluronic acid fillers.”

Nose Correction

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a medical procedure in which injectable fillers, most commonly hyaluronic acid ones like Restylane and Juvederm or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse), are used to alter and shape a person’s nose without invasive surgery. The procedure fills in depressed areas on the nose, lifting the angle of the tip or smoothing the appearance of bumps on the bridge.
Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an augmentation procedure, so it cannot reduce the size of someone’s nose. It is a cosmetic procedure.

Keloid Treatment

Keloids are smooth, hard, benign growths that form when scar tissue grows excessively. When skin is injured, fibrous tissue, called scar tissue, forms over the wound to repair and protect the injury. In some cases, scar tissue grows excessively, forming smooth, hard growths called keloids. Keloids can be much larger than the original wound. They’re most commonly found on the chest, shoulders, earlobes, and cheeks. However, keloids can affect any part of the body.

Keloid treatments 

  • corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation
  • moisturizing oils to keep the tissue soft
  • using pressure or silicone gel pads after injury
  • freezing the tissue to kill skin cells
  • laser treatments to reduce scar tissue
  • radiation to shrink keloids
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